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Posted on May 14, 2012


And thus begins the review of the semester.

Today one of my Israeli roommates told me that in the time that I’ve been here, I’ve done more than she’s done in her whole life here. It’s true. I’m sure that if she came to Florida, she’d see more of the place than I’ve ever seen. Although, I don’t really like Florida, so I don’t really care that much about seeing what it has to offer. All of this travelling would not have been possible without the help of many organizations that I want to tell you about for a few reasons:

1. All of the organizations that I benefitted from, I benefitted from mostly without cost because they run off of donations from people who read blogs that other study abroad students read about them. Now you’re going to be those people. If you have some loose change, throw it this way.

2. When you come to Israel, and you know you will, you have to benefit from them as well.

1. Heritage House – In the Old City, there exists two Heritage Houses, one is a female house and one is a male house. I only stayed for Shabbat, but the hostel is open all week long and you can stay for as long as you want. The hostel is free, but they suggest a 20 shek donation. On Friday night, you go to the Kotel as a group and are set up for Shabbat dinner. On Saturday, you are also set up with a family for dinner, have third meal together with the men’s hostel and then do havdallah. The hostel is run by house mothers/fathers and madrichim who are incredibly friendly, welcoming and helpful!

2. Machlis Family – In a neighborhood called Ma’aleh Dafna, lives an incredible family named Machlis. Rabbi Machlis and his wife host about 200 people for all Shabbat meals without cost. All of their money goes to chessed in the community and these meals

3. Anywhere in Israel – A great organization! Through their online Shabbos request system, the organization sets up students with Shabbos hosts all over the state of Israel. They usually set up groups of two, but individual hosts can be asked for special circumstances. When I spent the weekend in Beit El, it was through Anywhere in Israel.

4. Ascent – As students, you have 2 free weeknights at this hostel located right outside the old city of Tzfat. We stayed there for a Shabbos and were hosted for dinner by families in the city. We received all meals from the hostel, snacks, and some classes on Kabalah. There are often themed Shabbatons such as creativity or music, etc. and they always have something going on for the holidays.

5. Jeff Seidel – Go to the Kotel any Shabbos and Jeff Seidel will set you up with meal placement. Also, if you’re not in Jerusalem, you can use the website for other locations!

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